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North Bridge Dental In-House Discount Plan

Making dental health affordable for you

We know how costly private insurance is today.  This is why we have provided an annual subscription plan which allows quality dental care for a percentage of the usual, customary and reasonable (UCR) fees.

This in not an insurance plan and no claims are filed.  North Bridge Dental is not a licensed insurer, health maintenacne organization, or other underwriter of health services.  This plan may not be combined with any other offers discounts, insurance, discount plans or advertisements.

Why consider a discount plan?

  • Low Cost
  • No Deductible
  • Pre-existing conditions are covered
  • No claim forms
  • No waiting period
  • No annual maximum
  • No treatment limitations
  • No pre-determinations
  • No exclusions on treatment
  • No fighting the insurance to pay claims

What does the plan include?

  • Our standard exam for new patients to the practice
    • Complete set of x-rays of your entire mouth
    • Examining the whole mouth (checking for gum disease, cavities, cancer screening, etc.)
    • Forming a treatment plan tailored to you and your needs
  • Two (2) standard checkup exams a year
  • Two (2) regular cleanings per year (in the absence of gum disease)
  • Annual checkup x-rays to check for cavities
  • Two (2) Fluoride treatments per year up to age 18 (which strengthens teeth)
  • One (1) emergency/limited exam per year
  • Four Gum Disease maintenance cleanings for those with gum disease (additional fee required)
  • TWENTY PERCENT(20%) discount on all dental services!

Plan Cost

  • Primary member – $250
  • Additional members – $200 each
  • Gum Disease patients pay an additional $150 to receive the additional maintenance cleanings

A low cost annual fee will be charged to the primary member of the plan.  Additional members (spouse and dependent children under 21) will be eligible for membership under the primary member at a lower cost.  The annual payment will be charged to the member’s credit card annually by a recurring payment system.  The credit card will be saved on file for annual payments until the member chooses to cancel the membership.  You have the right to cancel at any time, however this plan is nonrefundable.

Once the annual fee is paid, you will be entitled to the benefits for 12 consecutive months.

Terms and Limitations

  • This is a dental discount plan and is NOT dental insurance
  • It cannot be combined with any other dental insurance
  • Any service not paid for at the time of service will be billed at usual and customary fees
  • No refunds will be given if patient chooses not to use their membership
  • Plan is subject to change yearly
  • Must remain plan participant entire duration of recommended treatment
  • This plan is non-transferable
  • Family members cannot be substituted for another family member
  • If payment for treatment is through Carecredit, the discount is reduced to 10% due to merchant fees
  • Cannot be combined with any other offers
  • Dental service only, products not included

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[Reviewed and Updated January 2022]